I remember when I first graduated, I thought that the hardest thing that would face you while working is a technical problem, a code that you can’t write, or an issue you can’t solve, but how naive was me!

Let me tell you my friend, the moment that I joined a company, the guy next to me was trying to be my manager in any way.

I remember that day, the first day that I joined work at Ccomibasal – a huge semi-government company works quality assurance and multiple other stuff – at that day the guy next to me asked me to go to the HR and ask them to bring him a pen, for you it may seem as a simple question to ask… how naive you are my friend, from day one he is trying to put the rules…the limits, who gives orders and who receives it,who is the master and who is the slave while delivering this message to the company’s HR, and that’s my friend was the first time I came face to face with office politics, it’s the way how every average guy reach to the top of the career hierarchy, how to create allies and how to destroy enemies, how to do minimal work but be the star of the team, and how to program people around you to perceive you in a higher place than you should be.

This was just the beginning of our journey together in the realm of office politics, next time we will take about the first technique of office politics…classical conditioning.

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