Although my journey as a manager hasn’t been so long I will tell you 2 things that most of the managers that will read this will understand and you “the guy who is aspiring to be a great manager in your organization” will understand one day when it hits you.

  1. The hardest part of becoming a manager is the start, facing the change, filling another manager’s shoes and everybody around you are waiting for your failure, this is the first time it hits you, it feels like you bought a luxuries house in an area full of gangs and crimes, you are expecting yourself to fail, you feel you are an imposter, this is not your place, but you also feel great, that all the years’ efforts have finally paid off, you are going to be great.
  2. You realize the challenges that your managers have gone through, how they were as clueless as you, scared to make a mistake, scared to give you vacation and then regret it, want to hear comforting talks from their teams and doesn’t always have an answer.

The below article is inspired but the book “Work Happy” by Jill Geisler, I highly recommend this book for every manager who wants to be a great manager ad leader, So here are the top 5 challenges you will face while being a manager

Managers disappoint people every day

80% of your time will be communicating and making decisions, most of this decision will be in favor of one side over the other, you will favor ideas that you don’t prefer, assign tasks to employees, enforce rule you are not convinced with, resolve conflicts, criticizing employees work and deciding on employees raises and promotions. And sometimes it gets much harder, deciding on cutting salaries and letting people go, good luck with this :D.

Managers push people out of their comfort zone

Today’s workplace is very challenging, every other day there is a new technology, new tools, new process, and new methodologies, you have to push your team to cross the boundaries, fetch their old ways, increase productivity while maintaining quality, you have to be the first to learn these stuff and keep a high moral along the way, sometimes your older team members will have to learn from younger ones and you have always to watch competitions and be ahead of them in adopting these new technologies.

Managers are always caught in the middle

You have to learn to manage up and manage down, to meet upper managers expectations and hold employees to their commitments, you have to influence people to do things without having using your position and in all of this you are in the middle, a translator, a negotiator, and a shock absorbed, advocating employees ideas, issues and ambitions, you enforce upper management deadlines and you always try to satisfy and reconcile all the parties, this is my friend the one that breaks many of the managers that I have met, the continuous pressure from all side, the low stamina in handling conflict and meeting expectation.

Managers can’t always tell people what they want to know

As they say “Knowledge is power” and it truly is, and one of the most frustrating and scaring thing that can happen to a member in your team is not being in the loop, feeling left out, and it’s your responsibility to feed information to your team but in the same time, choose the right information and the right time to do so, and as it’s most important for a great leader to be transparent with his team it’s also9 very important sometimes to be discrete, whether it’s business information or employees personal matter, sometimes you better leaving this information disclosed and this can lead to many frustrating situations that you will have to learn how to handle gracefully as a seasoned manager.

Managers make mistakes

You will spend most of your days making different kinds of decision, some are big and some are small but you will not get it right every time, you have to live with that and to take it gracefully, sometimes you are unprepared or over confidant, sometimes you are biased or blindside but in all means, you have to take it all, be responsible, not blaming anybody, learning from your mistake and move on trying to rebuild your credibility again and again.

It’s always healthy to keep these challenges in mind, knowing that in the territory of management you have to be vigilant yet not paranoid, learning to deal with consistent pressure and building up your stamina to make decisions and handle problems, and it’s very important to constantly develop your skills and strategies to tackle these challenges and this will be the subject of our article, see you there

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